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Happening to us:
Black smith for fish-ship got the first OEM order from Taiwan, Yuhuan started sanitary and valves industry before 1980.
Home factory rising largest number in Yuhuan before Asian financial storm, when we took part in this industry.
It is 2005, OEM is very popular in Yuhuan. And also, it help other manufacture growing up, for example auto parts.
During 2005—2007, we registered trademark to protect in future. We produced goods as UPC\CSA\Germany standard, but my friend\relation ship couldn’t keep them (they keep the low standard products in china). So we start to translate standard different governments asked, then design and produce products.
In 2008, it is so glad to fetch trade mark right and certificate of patent. Another good news, we co-operate with first shop on faucets.
Insisting whole brass made, one system finished in 2010.
2011—now,testing kinds of sales mode.
Remarks:Something guide us to design-produce products: save/long service life/health.A majority of sanitary-valves were imported from china directly or indirectly, so believe us we could produce very goods for you.
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